Manoj Nathwani

Full stack developer / Data engineer


  • Built a start-up at the age of 17 worth £1.05M within 4 years
  • Attended 30 hackathons and came in first, second or third place in 24
  • Language-agnostic full stack developer
  • Extensive experience in building highly scalable products in the cloud
  • Lego aficionado


Full Stack

Designing and building high quality products from the ground up.

Data Engineering

Building distributed large scale data processing tech stacks.

Cloud Architecture

Lots experience in building highly scalable products in the cloud.







Cloud Platforms


Google App Engine

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure



Raspberry Pi

Virtual Reality



Student Partner - Microsoft

2012 - 2014

As part of my role at Microsoft I evangelised Microsoft’s technology, gave presentations and helped run events for developers. Helping to run large events, I eventually became their go-to-guy for all questions relating to using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

Co-Founder & CTO - Price Trakker

2011 - 2015

I started Price Trakker and took it from just myself sitting in a bedroom writing code and to a company worth £1.05M with a team of six in four short years. Working with the largest UK retailers such as Samsung, LG, Maplin, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Wiggle, a very high level SLA had to be maintained. I left Price Trakker to expand on my skillset and learn new things. Price Trakker is still running today and is doing great!

Backend Python Developer - Network Locum

2015 - 2017

Joined the health tech company as the 4th developer as we went from start-up to scale-up. We're now a team of 50 with 10+ developers and have just finished a HUGE rebuild project where we migrated from a large monolithic tech stack and to containerized microservices running on Docker. We rebuilt the entire platform in about 10 week, a huge success. I personally worked on building our payments platform using TDD & BDD to help process £0.5M a month in automated transactions. I also lead a team as part of a greenfield project for Uber on behalf of the company.



  • Attended 30 hackathons and came in first, second or third place in 24.
  • Earned my hattrick in winning 3 Data Science London hackathons in a row.
  • Worked directly with Dropbox, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Thames Water, Lloyds Bank, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Westminster Council and several charities solving problems.
  • Provided consultancy to the Business Intelligence team at Sainsbury’s on reporting and data visualisation after meeting them at a hackathon.
  • Worked with the head of Cyber Security at Lloyds Bank on bettering their defences against attacks after meeting them at a hackathon.


  • Built a start-up at the age of 17 worth £1.05M within 4 years.
  • Partnered with Microsoft as a high potential start-up using their cloud platform.
  • Worked on projects for some of largest UK retailers such as Samsung, LG, Maplin, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and many more.
  • Worked on re architecting the way in which we handle our billing services at Network Locum using TDD & BDD; processing £0.5M a month in automated transactions.


  • Built my first app in April 2014 with over 1000 active downloads each month since its launch, winning the best Microsoft Student App 2014.
  • Released my second app through a partnership with Razer Inc. for their new wearable Nabu fitness bands.
  • Built a very useful app for organising my holiday plans to run on my phone. See code here.


Lead Backend Developer at Network Locum

Douglas Hindson

Manoj ships. He's great to pair program with and has always been a productive team member. We've often relied on him to grok and integrate external APIs. He's solid at executing on greenfield projects and has always been willing to dive deep into legacy systems to fix bugs. He has great intuition about how dev teams should work and is excellent at communicating with devs and non-devs alike.

CTO at Network Locum

Michael Skelly
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