Manoj Nathwani


  • Built a profitable start-up at the age of 17 worth £1.05M within 4 years
  • Attended 30 hackathons and came in first, second or third place in 24
  • Language-agnostic full stack developer & data engineer
  • Very passionate about Effective Altruism and recently started Charity Hackers to provide affordable data engineering expertise to charities.


Full Stack

Designing and building high quality products from the ground up.

Data Engineering

Building distributed large scale data processing tech stacks using Python.

Cloud Architecture

Lots of experience in building highly scalable products in the cloud.


2012 - 2014 | Student Partner | Microsoft

  • Worked on developer outreach by evangelising their products to students by running regular hackathons, and talking at conferences such as Campus Party.
  • Helped influenced Microsoft's strategy to communicating effectively to students by providing feedback to key stakeholders on our impact.
  • Eventually became their go-to-guy for all questions relating to using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and evangelising it to other entrepreneurs.

2011 - 2015 | Founder & CTO | Price Trakker

  • Started Price Trakker during my first year of university while studying Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) BSc at Brunel University London in 2011.
  • Dropped out of university and joined the True Start accelerator program with a valuation of £1.05M as a bootstrapped profitable start-up.
  • Built a system to handle hundreds of web scrapers, analysing large scale datasets and algorithmically changing the pricing structure of our customer's products on a daily basis. In 2015 we were scraping just under 3000 websites every day.
  • Built a tech stack with a very high SLA which gave us the confidence to bring on customers such as Samsung, LG, Maplin, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda & Wiggle.

2015 - 2017 | Backend Python Developer | Lantum

  • Joined the health tech company as the 4th developer as the lead of internal tooling which our operations team used to become significantly more efficient.
  • Lead the quality assurance processes of our iPhone app being made by an external digital agency which gave us the confidence to deliver features.
  • Played a key role in rebuilding our entire tech stack from a large django monolith and to containerized microservices running on Docker, tested with TDD & BDD.
  • Rebuilt our payments platform which now processes nearly £0.5M in automated transactions every month with full confidence in nothing going wrong. Something we very much needed earlier!
  • Lead a team as part of a greenfield project for Uber on behalf of the company to help decrease dropout of driver onboarding in London by a whopping 90%. This project was start to finish in only 2 weeks, a great success we learnt from.

2018 - Today | Contract Full-Stack Engineer | Charity Hackers

  • Lead the rebuild of the for Rethink Charity which involved building a brand new platform from scratch with volunteers and migrating all 2000+ users and 300+ groups across to the new site. It is now the central online community for the Effective Altruism movement globally.

Hiring me

  • Contract Full-Stack Engineer for £1,000/day - Not actively looking
  • 50-100% discount for charities - fill in the form on


Lantum | Lead Backend Developer | Douglas Hindson

Manoj ships. He's great to pair program with and has always been a productive team member. We've often relied on him to grok and integrate external APIs. He's solid at executing on greenfield projects and has always been willing to dive deep into legacy systems to fix bugs. He has great intuition about how dev teams should work and is excellent at communicating with devs and non-devs alike.

Lantum | CTO | Michael Skelly

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