Building a micro:bit gesture controlled lamp

How I used a BBC micro:bit, an Arduino and a bunch of Neopixels to build a gesture controlled lamp.

The Neuroscience of Psychedelics

My summary on Michael Pollan's fantastic new book How to Change Your Mind - The New Science of Psychedelics.

My 2019 Charity Plendge

My thoughts on publically pledging how much I'll give to charity in 2019 and why I think it's important to do so.

Obligatory Altruism

To what extent are we morally obligated to making the world a better place through being altruistic.

Attaching a Raspberry Pi camera to a drone

How I attached a Raspberry Pi and camera module to a drone to record first person video footage.

Building a huge display of 576 ping-pong balls

How I used 600 LEDs and 576 glowing ping-pong balls to make a giant outdoor installation for a festival.

Building a wearable camera

How I used a Raspberry Pi to build a wearable camera to take timelapse videos on holiday.

TNW Hack Battle 2015

A hackathon before TheNextWeb Conference

MLH Landing

Learn, build, and share cool tech with cool people


A 24 Hour student hackday in Birmingham

Anvil Hack

A hackathon focused on creative creative technology

Fab Lab Hardware Hackathon

A fun and collaborative hardware hackathon


A hackathon hosted by KCL Tech, UCL TechSoc and UCLe

United Nations Influx Hackathon

Helping the UN and public to work better together

Startupbootcamp FinTechathon

A fintech themed hackathon held by Startupbootcamp


An authentication service without passwords

Seymour. See-more

Our own suit of virtual reality kits made within a 24hr hackathon


Imperial's annual hackathon

Dropbox Live

A Raspberry Pi strapped to a DSLR camera which automatically uploads images to Dropbox

Dropbox Hackathon

Dropbox’s first London Hackathon

Hackference Birmingham

What better way to spend a weekend than to build something awesome in the company of people who love to build stuff as well. The goal of the hack weekend is to have fun and try something new.

Intel Edison powered Car

A WiFi controlled car built with the Intel Edison

Building an Intel Edison powered car

How I built a WiFi controlled car built with the Intel Edison

Xmas IoT hackathon

A Christmas themed Internet Of Things hackathon

Xmas IoT Hackathon

A Christmas themed Internet Of Things hackathon

The Christmas Boombox on Wheels

A boombox on wheels which follows you around playing Christmas music.

Shitty Links

A satire game based on CityLink's poor customer service.

MLH HackNotts

Build incredible projects in 24 hours

McDonald's Hackathon

A 48-hour hackathon to enhance the McDonald's digital restaurant experience.


A gaming system helping to bring together Mc Donald's and their customers.

Razer Nabu Hackfest Hackathon

A hackathon to create a new app that harnesses the social capabilities of the Razer Nabu. It can be apps across all categories – be it fitness, business or adding on a new dimension to existing social apps.

Nabu Gamers

An app for Razer Nabu users to see other gamers close to them.

TechCrunch Disrupt Hackthon 2014

A yearly hackathon held by TechCrunch

Carbon Steel Man Renders The World

Turning a 12 year old into the next Iron Man

Gaming For Good

A game which raises money for charity

BattleHack 2014

A chance to help your community and a shot at a $100K USD Grand Prize? No brainer! An epic axe trophy on top of that?

MLH Launch

MLH Launch Hack is the inaugural hackathon to kick off the first ever student hackathon season in the UK.

My First Hardware Hack

A rover robot controlled by an Arduino

Hackference Birmingham

What better way to spend a weekend than to build something awesome in the company of people who love to build stuff as well. The goal of the hack weekend is to have fun and try something new.

Digital Rube Goldberg Machine

A Rube Goldberg machine consisting of daisy-chaining lots of different APIs and technologies together.

Dropbox Hackathon

Dropbox’s first London Hackathon

Tesco Health Hackathon

A health-themed 48-hour hackathon run by Tesco

Smart Chef

Smartchef takes some of the effort out of cooking by automating a significant portion of the cooking process.

Visualising Data with Andy Kirk

A meetup featuring Andy Kirk discussing some of the fascinating issues around the art and science of data visualisation design.

The Natural History Museums Mars and Meteorites Night

The Natural History Museum’s first ever space-themed Night Safari.

Computational Intelligence Unconference UK 2014

Bringing people together to talk about Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems.

Anomaly Detection at Large Scale

A Data Science meetup exploring finding the needle in the haystack, or looking for unusual patterns in big data.

Seedhack 5 Life Logging

A hackathon organised by Seedcamp dedicated to Lifelogging.

Motion Perfect

Utilise the quality of your exercises.

Price Trakker Joins TrueStart

Price Trakker officially gets accepted into the TrueStart investment hub specifically designed to support innovation in the retail, consumer and fashion sectors.

Summer DataDive

A DataDive where we analyse data for pre-chosen charities over a weekend.

Sainsbury's Business Intelligence App

A business intelligence dashboard for Sainsbury's store managers.

Hack The Rack

A 2-day challenge with a clear vision to tackle challenges facing retailers.

The Hacker Blog

A Blogging platform for hackathon enthusiasts.

Agile Hackathon

Yet another Hackathon, with just one difference... we were given new rules every three hours.

DevLab Hackathon

A 2 day hackathon bringing innovators from the startup, digital and developer communities together with big brands and agencies.

Attension Seeker

An app which allows educators to track the movement of students to better retention rates.

My Flood Plan

An app for the 'Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs' which gives members of the public personalized live flooding information and advice.

Flood Hack

In response to the recent flood disasters, a hackathon focusing on creating apps and tools to help disaster emergency preparedness, response and recovery by residents, local agencies and governments.

Pocket High Street

The Search engine for your High Street.

Hack The High Street Hackathon

A hackathon aiming to help innovate London's high street retail.

Westminster Parking

An App which gives drivers directions to the closest locations, in Westminster, most likely to have an empty parking space, taking into account preferences for space actually being available, distance to drive and probability of experiencing vehicle/personal crime close to the parking bay.

Urban Data Hackathon

A future cities hackathon aiming to open up urban data for citizens.


Allowing governments to open up public data to citizens.

Future Cities Hackathon

A hackathon helping Westminster Council make London a smarter city.

Secure Chat

A secure NSA-proof messaging app.


A .Net libary built to help users control their Philips Hue lighting systems via the cloud.

Hacked - Learn, Build, Share

An intense weekend of learning, building and sharing cool stuff.

Google Chrome Cats

A Chrome Extension which replaces every image on the ineternet to a random picture of a cat.

Dress Finder

A way of shopping for the perfect dress from all of your favorite stores at the same time.

Last.FM Analytics

Allowing music lovers to visualise their music data.

Big Data Hackathon

Assemble a team. Compete. Learn & Share. Make friends. Have fun.